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Abiogenesis pg 25 from Bardo II (Taken with instagram)

Abiogenesis pg 25 from Bardo II (Taken with instagram)

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From the deck… Taking a break from the Sympho Score…. (Taken with instagram)

From the deck… Taking a break from the Sympho Score…. (Taken with instagram)

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"Fish, Father, Phoenix" performed live at St. Peter’s Church in Chelsea, NYC.

One piece in Our Silent Canvas’ “Echo The Elements” series.

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Live Performance  for Our Silent Canvas’

"Echo The Elements" on April 29th, 2011 of

my last (or should I say, “most recent”) in the Invocation series,

"Sunday Stills The Willow".

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New Album to be released in late February to early March!

New Album to be released in late February to early March!

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2012=Return of Ghost Against Ghost, new album this fall.

2012=Return of Ghost Against Ghost, new album this fall.

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"Invocation No. 3: Sunday Stills the Willow"

I’ve finally uploaded this live audio from our April 29th performance at St. Peter’s.  I promise there is an album coming out in a couple of months with all these pieces.

Video to come soon!

“It is a willow when summer is over,
a willow by the river
from which no leaf has fallen nor
bitten by the sun
turned orange or crimson.
The leaves cling and grow paler,
swing and grow paler
over the swirling waters of the river
as if loth to let go,
they are so cool, so drunk with
the swirl of the wind and of the river —
oblivious to winter,
the last to let go and fall
into the water and on the ground.”
                          - William Carlos Williams

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"Fish, Father, Phoenix" by Christopher Bono, Live 2/19/11 Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY from Our Silent Canvas on Vimeo.

Our Silent Canvas premiere performance of “Fish, Father, Phoenix”!

February 19, 2011

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Invocation No. 1 for String Trio

Invocation No. 1 was written for the New York City based Arts Collective, “Our Silent Canvas”. It is the first part of a triptych written in dedication to a very close individual, currently experiencing great physical and mental suffering.  The larger triptych consists of three movements, with each movement representing a stanza from an inscribed personal prayer. The first movement, demonstrated by the submitted recording, contemplates the dedicatee’s experience of suffering, invokes transcendence, and asks for intervention.

            Structurally, “Invocation” follows a standard Rondo form, albeit in a modern context. The “A” section consists of the melodic “setting” of the first stanza of this “private prayer”. Each musical phrase of the section symbolizes a literary phrase, and aims to express it like a traditional text setting.

            The “B” and “C” sections attempt to express the abstract feelings of frustration, grief and anger accompanying the physical and psychological state of the dedicatee. The “A” section returns three times, each time embedded in a contrasted texture, and following the last return, there is a codetta coming to unrest on a dark minor triad with a Phrygian second.


            Invocation is currently being scored for a large chamber ensemble of fifteen instruments, to be premiered on Feb. 19, 2011 at the Center for Performance Research in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

            This recording was made at Dubway studios in New York City and features Whitney Lagrange on Viola, Hiroko Taguchi on Violin, and Adrian Duarov on Cello.

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"The Missing" for String Quartet (studio version)

Recorded November, 2010 at Apollo 37 Studios Woodstock, NY


Christopher Bono


Whitney LaGrange- ViolinHiroko Taguchi-ViolinYuiko Kamakari-ViolaAlisa Horn- Cello


“The Missing” for String Quartet

“The Missing” was written in July 2010 for the European American Musical Alliance (EAMA). It was premiered in Paris on July 21, 2010 by the Parisian EAMA string quartet in residence.

            The Missing is in an asymmetrical AAABA form. The beginning of the piece experiments with extended techniques blended with a simple nostalgic melody functioning as the main theme. This theme is then re-introduced in a traditional harmonic and contrapuntal texture, leading to a B section, where a new theme using the rhythms of a traditional dance from Togo, West Africa (the homeland of the dedicatee) is fragmented and developed in a Beethoven inspired manner.

            The “A” theme then returns in contrapuntal imitation and then in tutti, leading to a rubato codetta, where the violin and cello insinuate gestures of the main melody as they gradually deteriorate, coming to rest on an unbalanced final harmony, offering conclusion.


This recording was made at Apollo 37 studios in Woodstock, NY and features

Whitney Lagrange on violin, Hiroko Taguchi on violin, Yuiko Kamakari on viola, and Alisa Horn on Cello.

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“‘The Anatomy of Melancholy’”

I began working on a new album this summer in Paris and Berlin.  It is tentatively titled “The Anatomy of Melancholy”.  It has an electro-ambient/post-rock feel very different from anything I’ve done. The style is most closely related to the works composed for Ghost Against Ghost (see VIDEO page on my blog), however, it covers completely new sonic territory.

As I’m currently working diligently on the Sympho project and preparing a series of Ghost Against Ghost releases featuring improvised studio sessions between varied players and performers from different backgrounds, I’ve had to figure out a way to keep the ‘Melancholy’ project going.  So… I’ve brought in my dear friend Nick Gallant to help produce it. Nick is an incredible musician and gained a great deal of recognition by being the head engineer for the ‘Guitar Hero’ video games. (His voice and guitar solos are featured throughout the games!)

(Click here to listen to samples of Nick’s solo work!)

I’m very excited and grateful to bring Nick into this project, and look forward to sharing this work with you.


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Sympho: Tower June 2012, Geyersville, CA

Hello Friends,

I am currently on a plane heading out to San Francisco to begin work on the Sympho: Tower project to be performed in June of 2012. I am honored and thrilled to be one of the three composers who will collaborate on this unique project.

I’m currently doing detailed research in Sacred Geometry, Sound Healing, Frequency Shifts, Pythagoras, Post-Rock, Kundalini, Chakras, Mayans, Evolution, Devolution, Dante, Requiems, Wells and Wind-Up Bird’s. and Astrology… Looking for something that sticks and inspires :)

Over the next week we’ll be visiting the Tower for the first time, and conducting as many sound experiments as possible to figure out how things will sound and work in such a unique space. I’ve got my ‘72 Fender Jaguar, A Lap-Top, and A midi controller to test out all kinds of sonic tricks.  Hopefully, we’ll gain some precious inspiration and insight over the next week.

.Till Next Time.


Here is a little more info on the project….*&*…..

TOWER | June 16, 2012

Following in the footsteps of artistic luminaries Meredith Monk and the Kronos Quartet, Sympho has been commissioned by the Oliver Ranch Foundation to create an immersive, site-specific concert experience for The Tower, a monolithic eight-story, 80-foot tall sculpture and performance venue designed by Ann Hamilton. This concrete structure, which is 24 feet in diameter and located in the heart of California’s wine country, will embrace both performers and audience on its two parallel staircases, yielding a sonic environment designed to surprise and delight the ear and eye.

The event will feature music from the breadth of the Western tradition, as well as newly-commissioned work from composers Christopher Bono, Paul Haas, and Bora Yoon, played by Sympho under Haas’ direction. Stage Direction and Visual Design by Ruth Pongstaphone. Further details and ticketing information coming soon.

June 16 and 17, 2012 
Oliver Ranch
Geyserville, CA

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